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I’ve always had really short, sparse eyelashes that seem to grow downward, and no mascara has ever been able to make anything of them, so when I saw this deal for $50 for $100 worth of eyelash extensions at Wink Eyelashes, I figured I should seize the day, and I’m glad I did! After two hours of lying completely still with my eyes closed (i.e., intermittently falling asleep to a rare rainy afternoon in San Diego) here’s what they looked like!

Longer, thicker, and perfectly curled! According to my technician, a full set lasts 2-4 weeks before you need a fill (which thankfully only takes half the time and costs about a quarter of the price) and I’m not supposed to wear mascara (not that I would use it if I’m going to wake up with eyelashes like this!) The only makeup I have on in this photo is eyebrow powder. Yay, low-maintenance!

Lipstick – Makeup For Ever Rouge Intense #40

I’ll keep you updated about the staying power of these, but for today, I’m a convert!

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