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I had the day off on Monday, so I went and stimulated the economy. Never say I am not a patriot! I tried on so many things, including this adorable cat-printed dress from Anthropologie.

[feline karma dress, Anthropologie]

I liked this dress, but didn’t love it, and certainly didn’t want to justify the price tag. The shoulders would also have to be taken in, and I’d like it to hit me an inch higher. If it ever goes on super-clearance in my size, I might have to snag it, though – the print is too cute!

Now on to the successes!

[sexy boyfriend jean: Gap; cheetah-print skirt: Loft; french hen sweater, striped tee (similar): J.Crew; hoodie: Gapfit; tee: ABC Store Las Vegas]

I’m totally excited to wear all of these – just need the weather to cooperate!


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I’m an avid “What not to Wear” watcher, despite my mild annoyance with the gimmicky “ambushes” on the seemingly unsuspecting candidates, and when I get dressed in the mornings, I definitely hear Stacy’s voice going “color, texture, pattern, shine'” when I think about how to add interest to my work clothes. Disclaimer: this is NOT a court-appropriate outfit. I would never wear a lace skirt to court, and you shouldn’t either. However, this was totally fun for the office!

[blazer: Forever21; tank: H&M (recent); skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT Factory; shoes: J.Crew]

A friend pointed out that my cats are constantly photobombing my pictures. She’s not wrong. Here’s an outtake:

Cat ladies unite!


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