some from the weekend

I feel like all I do is whine about how hot it is, but that is false; I also obsessively instagram everything! Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend.

[new hair – ombre]

[enjoying the view at Torrey Pines State Park after a morning hike]

[trying to keep cool with Violet]

[trying out some red lips – Make Up For Ever #40 (similar) and #8 lip pencil]



Stating the obvious: it’s HOT outside.

[top: H&M (recent); pants: Banana Republic Factory; shoes: J.Crew (sold out, but love these!); lips: Face Stockholm ‘Chili Flake’ (buy it here)]

Here’s a close up of my accessories. I love delicate rings and a chunky gold watch. Please also excuse my pained expression. I managed to hurt my neck/back this weekend, and wound up at my first-ever chiropractic adjustment appointment today. It was nice, but I’m still a little sore!

[watch: Nixon; ring: Mimi & Red; bow ring/star ring/etched bangle/iPhone topper: t+j designs; renegade cluster bracelet: Stella & Dot]

How fun is that rhinestone bow? It’s like fabulous little hat for my phone 🙂

Stay cool, everyone!


My shopping hiatus is over, and I couldn’t be more glad!

[‘Keeper” top/shorts: J.Crew (shorts gifted); bag: H&M; lips: Face Stockholm for J.Crew ‘Chili Flake‘]

finish line

My month of daily outfit posts has finally come to a conclusion, and it’s fitting that I end with one of my go-to looks: all black, with a statement shoe.

[suit/shell: The Limited; shoes: Halogen]

Also coming to an end is my July shopping hiatus! It’s been really helpful to shop my closet – I’ve rediscovered some old favorites, as well as gotten rid of some items that were just festering in the depths of my closet (hello, ill-fitting jersey dress). I’ve also prioritized a list of items to shop for (replacing lots of pairs of shoes; perfect chambray shirt) as well as things I don’t need any more of.

Here’s to August!


Remember this hot pink Zara dress I wore to 80s night? It was so hot yesterday that all I could handle wearing was that dress and some wedges. And some lipstick, of course.

[dress: Zara; wedges: TOMs; sunnies: Chanel]

How are you all staying cool this summer?


[arty Sunday project]

I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest, and I always intend to make the things I pin, but usually don’t get around to it…until now! I have no art in my apartment, other than an impressionist-style painting of my first cat, Mr. Bojangles, which a friend made for me, so when I saw the DIY quotes on canvas, I knew I’d found my project! The amazing tutorial is here, but here’s a quick rundown, including some areas where you can LFMF*.

You’ll need:

  • – Acrylic (or spray) paint
  • – Paintbrushes (we used the ones with the foam tips, as opposed to the bristle brushes)
  • – Canvas
  • – Vinyl letters (the ones in the photos below are 2″) (available at Michael’s, Walmart, and Target)
  • – Old magazines, sheet music, books, etc.
  • – Mod Podge (I’d also suggest a glue stick)
  • – Some good quotes/your imagination!

1. Adhere the paper (or you could leave the canvas blank!) to the canvas. We used Mod Podge, but found it made the papers really soggy and caused the vinyl letters to rip the paper as they were lifted off. I’d suggest something drier (confession: I typed “dryer” and “drier” about 10 times before settling on “drier.” The word I’m going for is the one that means “less dry”) such as a glue stick or spray adhesive. For the “High Heels High Hopes” canvas, I used some sheet music. You may recognize it as Chopin’s Waltz in C# Minor. I love that piece! For the other one, I pulled a bunch of different pages with pinks and purples out of old magazines and stuck them together haphazardly.

2. Carefully (!) place the letters in the desired location. It helps to cut out the letters beforehand and try different layouts. However, if you’re impatient like me, you’ll just go with it. This is also the step where I cursed the “two ‘H’ per package” decision of the manufacturers of the letters, as well as the general floppiness of the ‘S’.

3. Paint the entire canvas with your chosen color. Do NOT get overzealous like I did and start haphazardly swirling the paintbrush all over the place, as it might (a) disrupt the papers you’ve so painstakingly glued, or (b) displace the vinyl letters. Start with a thin coat, and build from there. Let dry. (Perhaps while you enjoy some wine at the hot tub?)

[watching paint dry]

4. Once the paint has tried, carefully peel off the vinyl letters. A little bit of bleeding is ok; it doesn’t have to be perfect!

5a. Touch up any spots with the paint. The “over dress” canvas was victim to a lot of tearing once I pulled the vinyl letters off (we think it was due to the wetness of the Mod Podge/magazine combo) so I separated the ‘D’ and ‘R’ with some gray paint.

5b. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire thing. Let dry.

6. Treat yo’ self! You made art!

*learn from my fail.

opening ceremony

This title has nothing to do with today’s outfit, and *everything* to do with how excited I am about the Olympics! London is my favorite city, and “summer” is my favorite Olympics, so I’m stoked for tonight’s opening ceremonies! Here’s hoping it’s at least as awesome as Beijing 2008.

[dress: Floreat (Anthropologie); shoes: Mea Shadow; sunnies: Kate Spade; accessories: Urban Outfitters, Mimi & Red, Fossil]