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[dress – Zara; bandeau, leggings – American Apparel; watch – Nixon; feather hair clip/glow in the dark nail polish – Forever 21]

[denim jacket – J.Crew Factory; purse – Old Navy; pumps – BCBG Girls]

I wore this outfit to the musical Mixtape this past weekend. They had me at 80s music, but I must admit, I had a nasty headache from my epic side ponytail that night!

Peace, love, and neon,

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As everyone who knows me already knows, I love music.  I studied classical piano from age 8-18, accompanied at mass in high school and college, sing with the SD Master Chorale, and work part-time as a soloist/section leader at a local church.  But classical music isn’t the only kind of music I love.  Classic rock gets me through long doc review projects at work, and hilariously bad 90s-early 2000s pop  convinces me to run those 10 extra minutes on the treadmill.

But one of my absolute favorite things is to go to shows and discover new favorite bands/artists.  I went to a show at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest a few weekends ago, where The Hundred Days was playing.  They are a four-man (despite the Myspace photos, which led me to believe a small army would be on the stage) rock band with super-infectious songs and memorable lyrics.  Equally impressive, they were totally cool – non-douchey, friendly people at the merchandise table, and had great t-shirts.  I picked up a CD at the show, and have had it on constant rotation in my car ever since.

Below is their video for the acoustic version of “Out of Nowhere.”  (And yes, the anal-retentive attorney in me got permission to post this.)  Listen to it, and thank me later when these guys are huge and you can say you liked them before it was cool to do so 🙂

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