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Ok so I know it’s technically 30 days into the new year, but Lunar new year was last week, and the San Diego Chinese Center didn’t have its festival until this past weekend, so I’m going with it. Among my resolutions: wake up early enough to do hair and makeup before going to court in the morning.

Blouse – Everly

Skirt – The Limited (part of a suit)

Shoes – J.Crew

My cats managed to steal my entire comforter last night, resulting in me being wide awake at 4 am (and freezing) but I managed to move them out of the way and re-cover and sleep a few more hours. Oh, my kitties. If they weren’t so cute they’d be in big trouble.

Here’s a look at my accessories! The photo collage is made possible by Diptic, which is my new favorite app!

(Clockwise from top right)

Bangles – T + J Designs (now available in sets here and here)

Ring – T + J Designs Glam Leatherette Ring (on sale! What are you waiting for?)

Watch – Nixon

Nail Polish – Essie “Turning Heads Red” and Zoya “Jancyn” (accent nail)

Shoes – J. Crew “Mona” pumps (similar here)

I’m so happy with this outfit. With my awkward posing, not so much, but thankfully the year is still young!

Speaking of Lunar New Year, here’s some snapshots from the festival!

The festival had performers, food (dim sum, boba, and the steamed cakes I remember from my childhood), and lots of little craft stalls, plus a gigantic line for the Barona Casino tent. Asians LOVE gambling. Remember that 🙂

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! There’s been a lot of sadness and worry surrounding the people I know recently, but hopefully this Year of the Dragon will bring them luck and comfort!

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Happy Lunar New Year! 2012 is the year of the dragon, and apparently babies born this year are extra-lucky! Among my favorite traditions for this day are: the little red envelopes filled with money, eating long soup noodles for prosperity, and wearing red to ward off evil spirits. I also realized I don’t have a lot of red clothing:

Top – Anthropologie (last seen here)

Jeans – Paige

Boots – Via Spiga

Looking at this photo made me realize just how strange this shirt looks from the side! It’s much cuter from the front, as you can see from my previous post. I also can’t say enough about how much I like these boots – I got them on mega-sale at Nordstrom Rack yesterday, and I’d been dying for a pair of over-the-knee boots for as long as I could remember! Most boots are too bunchy in the ankle, but these surprisingly aren’t. Gotta love good shopping karma!

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s manicure. As you can see, I’m still obsessed with the accent nail.

Nails – Essie “Turning Heads Red” and Zoya “Jancyn”

Lastly, here’s another look at my cats. Please note that Violet (the calico) is sitting on top of the medicine cabinet. Nothing in my house is sacred anymore.

Gung hay fat choy!

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It’s been a busy weekend so far, and I’m thankful to have an extra day to get things done. I started yesterday with a haircut at Hairdrezzers on Fire from my stylist of almost 5 years, Quinn.  If you live in San Diego and need a good stylist, I totally recommend her! I snapped this pic pre-appointment, so this is not reflective of her work…

Denim Jacket – J.Crew

Plaid Button-Down/Really Skinny Pants – Gap

Heels – BCBG

Jewelry- Ann Taylor and T+J Designs

I didn’t manage to take a picture of my perfect hair after my cut, and then I ruined it at the gym, but trust me that it’s totally cute (and sadly will never look as good as it did yesterday at 10:00 am)!

I also managed to do my nails! As you can see, I’m still obsessed with the glitter accent nail trend. I’ll let it go….eventually :).

Nails – Essie Pop Art Pink and Carnival (accent nail)

We had a special visitor at our office yesterday.

[Pezzie, chicken]

He also came to our kickball game that night, but with an important accessory.


I met up with one of my good friends from law school for lunch today at a Korean restaurant called Jiggle Jiggle. My friend’s sister is teaching in Korea right now, and they just took an amazing vacation to Thailand for Christmas and New Year’s – I’m so jealous! I definitely have a liddlebit of cabin fever right now. We thought the restaurant name was hilarious and thought it would be a good place to catch up. According to the owner (who was super nice), “jiggle jiggle” is the sound the meat makes when it hits the grill (as opposed to the sound one’s thighs might make after eating everything on their menu…) It’s a combination of traditional Korean restaurant fare as well as Korean tacos and burritos (and something called Korean fries, which were intriguing, but we didn’t try them.)

[kimchi fried rice; soup; sides]

Happy three-day weekend to those of you who get one!

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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted an outfit – haven’t been inspired lately, until I woke up this morning!

Denim Jacket – old from J. Crew (similar here)

Sequin Tank – Halogen (similar from Michael Kors)

Minnie Pants – J.Crew

Flats – Poppy by Coach (unavailable, but dying over these)

Here’s a look at the front of the tank. I love the subtle sequins – fancy without being overbearing! I also have a small obsession with topknots. I think it’s my previous life as a dance student 🙂

Nails – Essie Turning Heads Red

Lastly, here’s an updated photo of Fatman and me. El es muy grande.

[sweaty gym clothes]

I hope he’s almost done growing….

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back to basics

I’m back to working a regular schedule, and missing the festive atmosphere of Christmas and New Year’s.

Blouse – Hinge (at Nordstrom Rack!) Similar here and here.

Camisole – Victoria’s Secret

Pants – Banana Republic (part of the suit last seen here)

Heels – Ann Taylor

Watch – Nixon

Rings – Mimi & Red, T+J Designs Glam Leatherette Ring (on sale!)

I’m a little meh on the outfit, but I love my jewelery today! Here’s a closeup of my new ring and an old favorite bangle:

Hammered Gold Bangle – T+J Designs

Thin Gold Bracelets – Gift from Grandma

Happy Thursday!

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Don’t let my outfit fool you, it IS January, but it’s also 75 degrees out. Ah, the perks of living in Southern California.

Dress – Old Navy (on clearance!)

Wedges – Steve Madden “Fraid” (get them 1/2 off here!)

Bracelets – Gift from Grandma

I know I talk about this all the time, but I love a maxi dress – it makes getting ready so simple, and I always feel completely put together, even when I don’t have makeup on! I do need to take this jersey masterpiece to a tailor, though, as it’s still a liddlebit too long and I’d like to have the option of wearing a lower heel with this.

Violet wanted to get in on the action, too! She was meowing the entire time I was getting ready, and then when I picked her up for her close-up, she got camera-shy. Figures.

Jacket – J.Crew

Hope everyone’s new year got off to a great start!

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We had a girls’ night to start out 2012 at Old Venice. We had the Magic Mushrooms (the kind stuffed with crab, shrimp, and cheese – NOT the kind that people hallucinate on), a garlicky Cesar Salad (because we felt like we should have *some* vegetables), the Green Goddess Pizza (topped with feta, fresh tomatoes, olives, and pepperoncinis), Spicy Roma Shrimp (shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and onions, sauteed with pasta), and La Crema Pinot Noir. Delicious! Good food, good wine, good company, AND I got chauffeured home by my friend K. Pretty successful start to the new year!

Skull Blouse – Mimi&Red

Pants – Gap Really Skinny Pants in True Black

Glittery Purse – Old Navy (got it on clearance – check your stores!)

Heels – BCBG

Bangles – T+J Designs

I am so in love with this blouse! I have been dying for something skull printed ever since I started seeing the Alexander McQueen scarf everywhere a year or so ago, so when I saw this blouse on Mimi & Red’s Facebook page, and ran out and got it immediately. It fits perfectly, although (as you can see in the photos) it’s totally sheer, so I put a camisole underneath it, since I don’t subscribe to the “visible bra” trend. Here’s how I styled it for dinner.

Jacket – Ann Taylor (last season)

Lipstick – MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

I have no idea what I was trying to accomplish with this facial expression, but you’re stuck with it 🙂

Happy New Year!

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