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“I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed, but can you just be…whelmed?”

“I think you can in Europe.” – 10 Things I hate about you

Put me in the “overwlemed” category. December is a crazy month for me. While work slows down (sort of; the courts tend to have lighter calendars over the holidays, but it’s also impossible to get a hold of anyone and my clients’ emergencies don’t observe *any* holidays, federal or not) my concert schedule is out of control. But I do love this time of year. I mean, when else is it appropriate to listen to “Rupaul the Red-Nosed Drag Queen”? Thus, I’m a liddlebit behind on my outfits. Here’s what I wore for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner:

Sweater – J.Crew

Button-down – Cotton On (also seen here)

Cords – Gap

Watch – Nixon

Bangles – T+J Designs (here and here)

Nails – OPI Too Hot to Hold ‘Em

I was also afraid it would be freezing (it wasn’t), so I packed these colorful and cozy socks from Kate Spade:

Shoes – Steve Madden (from FOREVER ago)

Socks – Kate Spade

I adore these socks! They came with another pair that’s the same color scheme, but striped instead of polka dotted – so cute! I did a quick search for them at Nordstrom and at Kate Spade’s website, but they’re not available any more. I bet some stores probably still have them, as I got them less than a month ago, so if you’re looking, hit the pavement!

Here’s looking forward to just being “whelmed” in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚


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It’s been a crazy last few days! I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Minnesota to see my family, a concert, and (obviously) some shopping. The flight from San Diego to MSP was uneventful, other than an unexpected seatmate at the airport while I waited for my flight:

[hello birdie!]

My flight even landed 20 minutes early, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, there was traffic on I-35, so I enjoyed another one of my holiday traditions while I waited for my dad and brother to pick me up:

[dark chocolate peppermint mocha]

Although I am a regular patron at Starbucks, my heart belongs to Caribou Coffee. I love that they have a daily trivia question that gets you 10 cents off of your drink if you get it right! Sadly the closest location is *not* in my hometown and nowhere near San Diego, but I guess it just makes it even more special, right? Speaking of special…

[the view from our deck]

The weather was incredibly warm over the holiday – it was mid-upper 50s both days I was there, which was a huge change from last year, when I flew in over a blanket of snow. I used to try to sneak out onto our deck in high school and surreptitiously tan myself before my grandma would catch me and yell at me about the importance of maintaining light skin so that no one would mistake me for a peasant. Gotta love my old-school grandma. Another piece of wisdom from gran: Two lions cannot rule one mountain. I’ll just let you think about that for a while :)As for the actual food holiday itself, it was full of family, and, in true Asian tradition, electronics.

[cousins e, baby w]


[everyone likes angry birds]

[taro chips]

And no visit home is complete without an obligatory photo of our beloved house cat, Frisky:

[frisky ponders his kingdom]

The flight home was much less awesome than the flight to Minneapolis. Not only did they oversell the flight, but when I went to check in the night before and was instructed to “select my seat,” ALL of the options were marked “unavailable” unless I wanted to pay $25 for the privilege of having a place to sit (spoiler alert: I didn’t) so I showed up to the airport with no assigned seat. When I got to the gate, there was a high school dance team running around and being teenage girls.* To make things even worse, when I went to go ask about a seat, theย  gate agent said “we’re still trying to figure that out.” Just as I felt my inner Grinch rearing its ugly head, I heard those magic words: “Passenger Woo please report to the counter.” 35 minutes later, I was Team Exit Row and seated in front of a super-cute and shockingly well-behaved toddler who slept for most of the flight and was happy to look at pictures of my cats when we got to the gate. Yessssss.

[juice box wine!]

Even when I don’t have food in my refrigerator, I have wine ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Back to work tomorrow.

*Please note I have nothing against high school dance teams; in fact, I was on mine until I got sidelined by a knee injury (whoo Faribault Emeralds!) but I was in a horrible mood by the time I got to the airport that day.

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I made a brief pilgrimage to my home state of Minnesota for Thanksgiving (details in an upcoming post, I promise!) Here’s a quick look at my traveling outfit.

Scarf – Banana Republic

Coat – Old Navy

Cowlneck dress – Target (similar here)

Tights/iPhone cover – J.Crew

Boots – Aldo

You can’t tell by the picture above, but the dress is actually a deep maroon color (and is super comfortable!) And the best part? It has front pockets! Warning: the photo below is totally Blurs-ville, but I was too tired to reshoot!

I also adore this iPhone cover by J.Crew, but I feel compelled to tell you that I’ve had it for less than a week, and glitter is *everywhere*. I also don’t have the greatest amount of faith that the case will still be shiny in a few weeks, but it’s such a fun holiday case, I couldn’t resist! I never said I was practical ;-).

And in case anyone’s wondering, that’s my childhood bedroom in the background. Ah, nostalgia.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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True confession: I’ve had this blue button-down shirt since high school (back when I used to shop at Abercrombie because I thought it was cool *and* smelled good. Seriously. Too bad the 2011 version of me wasn’t around to slap some sense into the 2001 version of me.) I will say that the shirt is made well, and I love that it’s not that weird papery/smooth fabric that most of the button-down shirts of that era were. I also love that it buttons without gaping (probably because it’s a gigantic size). Here’s a newer take on my old favorite shirt.

Shirt – Abercrombie & Fitch, circa 2001

Sweaterdress/Booties – Old Navy

Tights/iPhone cover – J.Crew

Earrings – Urban Outfitters

Am I the only weirdo with a few super-old items in my closet?

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Here’s a quick look at my haul from this weekend’s trip to the outlets. Both photos edited with Instagram (best app ever! Aside from Words with Friends, I guess.)


new classics

sequined tee – BCBGeneration

sweater – J. Crew

(faux!) fur scarf and lace pencil skirt – Banana Republic

And your obligatory photo of my cats:


cuddly kitties

Hope everyone had a cozy weekend!

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OMG you guys. Today was ca-rayyy-zee at work, and I’m glad it’s over. My outfit held up nicely, even though my sanity was hanging by a thread by the time I got home:


Blouse – Everly (website is wholesale only, but check out their lookbooks!)

Camisole – Gap (worn underneath the blouse to avoid a fashion peep show)

Skirt – The Limited (part of a suit)

Tights – Forever 21

Shoes – Moda Spanna

Bag – T + J Designs Ponyhair Clutch

I can’t say enough good things about this bag – although it’s a little too cumbersome for my small hands to use as a clutch (unless it’s virtually empty), the strap is completely adjustable (and beautiful!) and the bag transforms from shoulder to cross-body to clutch with ease. Plus, I love the pony-hair detail. It’s so unexpected and chic!


In case you can’t tell by my big cheesy smile, I love this outfit! The blouse is beautiful and feminine, although it’s incredibly sheer. I die for the shoulders and sleeve detail though! I usually don’t wear high-waisted skirts, but I felt like this blouse called out for it, and it’s been freezing cold in the courtroom lately, so I added these fun tights! They look opaque from a distance (i.e., in the mirror) but they’re actually a very tiny micro-pattern. Win-win!

And for the finishing touch, a rhinestone headband!


Headband – J.Crew

Excited for a three-day weekend!

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I went to a fundraiser for one of my groups this weekend. The invite was for “cocktail attire” but the event was at 4:00 in the afternoon. Here’s what I came up with:

dress – Juicy Couture

glitter heels – Steve Madden (in gold here)

watch – Nixon

lips – Makeup For Ever #8

Happy Monday!

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