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las flores

I love flowers. So do los gatos, which is why I usually don’t buy them, but it’s so nice to have fresh flowers, like these beautiful peonies.


I got these at Vons, and think they’re pretty good for being grocery store flowers! Fatman and Violet were immediately curious, but pretty much left them alone, save for the occasional snack of a leaf. And yes, my computer background is a picture of mi querido Fatman.

Speaking of my monsters, here they are in all their morning glory:


Violet has gotten so big, although she still looks ridiculously tiny next to El Gordo.

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My friend’s got married on Maui this past weekend at an old sugar cane (plantation?) in a town called Haiku. The wedding invite said “cocktail attire” but since it was a tropical location, I figured I’d wear something bright too. Here’s the outfit, after a lot of shopping (and a trip to South Coast Plaza).


Dress, shoes: Zara; Watch: Nixon ‘Kensington’; Ring: Swarovski; Ring: Mimi & Red.

Here’s a better photo of the ring on my left hand. I adore this ring–so simple, but still kind of quirky:


The wedding was absolutely beautiful. My friend Y had some killer Jimmy Choos and the wedding was perfect– surrounded by family, friends, and tons of good food!

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Vintage Crayons

This dress is my first (and so far, only) foray into vintage clothing. I’m so impressed by (and jealous of) those girls who are awesome at finding and putting together vintage pieces and wish I could be you!


Dress: vintage; Cardigan: h&m

I love the bright colors on this dress — so perfect for warm weather! It feels like I’m wearing an entire box of crayons when I have this on. I actually wore this outfit waaay back in May Gray, so that’s why I added the sweater. I needed a bright coordinating (but not matchy-matchy) piece and this sweater was perfect!

(Please ignore the wrestling cats in the background, but also get used to them, because they like to be the center of attention)!

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Welcome back!

Just realized I can blog from my phone! Hello, posting again 🙂

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