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The weather’s finally getting nice, so naturally I’ve been inspired to break out my warm weather clothes.  I’ve also been horrified by some of the ensembles I’ve seen on people wandering through the mall near my office.  Tube tops and tiny shorts on women my mom’s age, muffin-top jeans with message ts, a sequined dress (yes, really).  The warm weather really seems to bring out fashion’s greatest crimes against humanity.

To combat that, here are some of my favorite standby, age-appropriate outfits.  These are the things I gravitate towards when I am running late (so, always).

Summer Standby #1:  Shorts, v-neck t, cardigan, statement necklace.

I love cardigans, and almost always carry one in my purse (or wear one).  The one below by Splendid is especially perfect for spring/summer because it’s made out of lightweight jersey, which, despite spending an entire day in the bottom of my purse, hardly wrinkles, and provides just enough warmth for a cool evening.  It’s also super-flattering.  I have one in black, cream, and gray 🙂

I also have an undying love for v-neck t-shirts.  Not unlike the cardigan above, v-neck shirts are super-flattering.  They elongate the neck, show off a little bit of collarbone, and, despite the model below, should be worn with a bra.  I love the organic cotton v-neck from Threads for Thought.  They are super soft, a decent length (note to self for future blog post:  too-short tops) and come in a handful of pretty colors.  The best part?  They’re $10 at Whole Foods.  Yes, the grocery store.

For the record, I would advocate for pants.

As indicated above, I tend to advise that you next put on pants/shorts.  I love my jeans, but when the weather is super-warm, I prefer shorts.  I can’t find a photo of my favorite pair, which are black and flat-front from J. Crew, but here’s a link.  I’m really short, so I tend to wear the 3 1/2″ inseams, but it is certainly appropriate to wear longer, especially if you don’t pass the buttcheek test (turn around, look in the mirror:  if you can see the bottom of your ass hanging out of your shorts, they are TOO short.)

I wish I were brave enough to wear hot pink shorts, but I usually go with black.

I know this seems like an incredibly basic outfit, but I’m a pretty basic lady, especially when it comes to my casual, weekend wear.  During the day, I would wear this outfit with flat sandals, but for night, I would swap the tshirt for a tank, ditch the cardigan, and wear a pair of killer heels.

You can also add a statement necklace.

❤ this one from Banana Republic

And my standby:  a giant pair of sunglasses.

Love these oversized Chloes

Next time:  Dresses!

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